Cam Newton in Carolina Panthers Jersey Suffered Most

It is recently stated that the rookie wage scale has been considered as part of a new labor deal during the labor negotiation. Therefore, majority of rookies are largely affected. And the one suffered the most is No.1 overall pick Cam Newton, drafted by the Carolina Panthers. Although Cam Newton has been drafted to wear Carolina Panthers jerseys, he hasn’t yet been offered a rookie contract due to the duration of the NFL lockout. Wearing NFL jerseys, Cam Newton could have commanded a rookie contract including up to $60 million in guaranteed money before taking an NFL snap. Nevertheless, nothing is settled due to the lingering of labor negotiation.

All in all, it is good for Cam Newton to buy NFL jerseys, for instance, custom NFL jerseys or authentic NFL jerseys, to remain competitive to prove his worth and value to get a highly paid contract. Actually, fans still have great expectations towards the rookies though they’ve been disappointed with the NFL owners and players. Besides, other high draft picks are undoubtedly braced to feel the effects of a major landscape change. The party is discussing about how to divide annual revenue. In fact, rookies can’t do anything but wait for the end of the lockout.

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