2011 NFL Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys

Dalton came and made us wonder if the haphazard surfing Californian was as much as the the stereotype as a New Yorker is when the Yankees buy (but never win) championships. Today, Andy Dalton—the heir apparent of the dysfunctional Cincinnati Bengals —wore Andy Dalton Bengals Custom NFL Jerseys and became the better hope of a team desperate for more than the status quo. Twenty-three years ago, Boomer Esiason was wearin Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys and leading the under estimated Bengals towards a bright new future. Gone was Kenny Anderson—the stalwart quarterback and firmly established was Boomer. With the Ickey shuffle firmly in place, the Bengals were ready to make the move. The difference—the member of the Brown family running the team was Paul and not Mike.Now, it would seem— according to Mel Kiper of Sports Network fame—that the Bengals have drafted correctly two years in a row (which means Mike has stepped back). The question is whether Mike can make the right steps to help the Bengals succeed or if his uneducated ego will lead failure into another year. The Bengals are a year away (though we all hope for the Flacco plus one miracle from Dalton) in that they have created a base and need to create more on top of two drafts to create a new team. The question is if time will heal all wounds and if Cincinnati will keep the Brown family accountable.

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