Christian Dior handbags

In this guide we have illustrated some details about real Christian Dior handbags on ebay and other domains that will help you weed out the fakes. This is in no way a conclusive or complete guide to every detail about Dior, but it has enough information to highly increase you chances of spotting the fake Dior handbags. Combining some of these brand specific points with the universal tells we have listed should help keep you insulated from many of the fake Christian Dior handbags in the open market on ebay.

Note: Many of the images we show to highlight a specific tell, also have another tell within the same photo. When this occurs we will try to point out the secondary tell also. However, on occasion we may miss some of the secondary tells in the photos. So we encourage you the reader to inspect the images for other tells to help increase your spotting skills.

We recommmend that you read our tutorial Spot Fake Handbags first, to learn the universal tips essential to build a foundation for spotting fake handbag tells. Then reinforce that foundation with the brand specific tells we highlight here.

As we get more details we will add them. Also, if you the reader have anything else to add, please email it to us, we will be glad to add it to the site. If we use your tip we will refrence you and add your web/blog link if applicable.

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