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Leaders who have just risen to power, he notes, have a different feeling and look than what you see after they’ve been in office longer. “ Green Bay Packers  NFL 2011 jerseys

I see this giant crowd marching towards me and, in the middle, is Qaddafi marching in a slow motion movement,” Platon says. “And he had all this incredible regalia, all these robes, and his hat that tamed his wild black hair. And he was surrounded by female bodyguards dressed head to foot in dark green military clothing. It was a scene from a James Bond movie.” \”Obama, for instance, it’s not the obvious charismatic Obama that we all fell in love with during the campaign. It’s the thinking Obama, the philosophical Obama.Among the more than 100 heads of state Platon photographed for his book, only four are women. “

Netanyahu approached me and he’s a very confident person. You feel a force of energy from him. He has very big charisma. He grabbed my hand and shook it strongly and he put his other hand on my shoulder and he said, ‘Platon make me look good.’ So it became a running joke between us.   minnesota  vikings jerseys The irony is that I think he does look good in the picture. You can see in his eyes that he’s actually talking to you saying, ‘”The women I photographed seemed to be more comfortable in their seat perhaps because the battle is harder to the top and they have a better sense of humility and dignity.”

Platon’s quest to explore power continues, with a twist.Platon considers his book a sort of yearbook of those who are now running our world, “new orleans saints jerseys and he offers it up to readers for their evaluation. Scientists have identified a new way of fighting cancer that limits the growth and spread of a variety of tumors in laboratory animals. When you get a cut, the area quickly becomes inflamed – swollen, red, and tender as the body’s immune system sends white blood cells to fight infection and heal the wound.The immune system reacts to many cancers in much the same way, says University of California, San Diego researcher Judith Varner.”The white blood cells rush to the tumor and attempt to heal the ‘wound’ in a manner that actually never stops,” she explains.

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